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High Hopes Clubhouse is a vocational rehabilitation program for adults with severe and persistent mental illness. It is one of four Clubhouses in the State of Maine that utilizes the Clubhouse Model of Psychiatric Rehabilitation.

High Hopes Clubhouse is modeled after the Fountain House in New York City. Fountain House was created in 1948 as a place of support for people with mental illness, rather than a treatment facility. Clubhouses focus on strengths, not illnesses. More than 400 Clubhouses worldwide have modeled themselves after Fountain House and adopted the same basic principle that communicates the message of membership and belonging. The Clubhouse is a place where people can come and rebuild their lives. Participants are called members, not patients.

The Clubhouse provides a place where self-confidence and hope for the future can be regained. Membership leads to continued growth, increased self esteem, and a sense of empowerment. High Hopes Clubhouse offers members services such as Job Development, Job Placement, Job Coaching, Long Term Supported Employment, and Supported Education.